Bluetooth Speakers

The adventure and thrill seekers who regularly do trekking and camping, a bulky speaker system might not be ideal. In this case, you can get a portable speaker or a mini Bluetooth speaker. Popular brand such as JBL, BosePhilips, Sony, JBL, and Blaupunkt, offer a wide category of wireless speakers which come with a plethora of features. Compare various models from different brands and choose the wireless outdoor speakers which suit your specific needs.


Portable Speakers

Philips BT64 3 W Portable Bluetooth  Speaker
32% off
Flipkart SmartBuy 3W Bluetooth Speaker
45% off
boAt stone 260 4 W Portable Bluetooth  Speaker
51% off
Blaupunkt BT-51 8 W Portable Bluetooth  Speaker
50% off
Blaupunkt BT-100 BK 12 W Bluetooth  Speaker
42% off

Party Speakers

F&D E200 3 W Portable Home Audio Speaker
19% off
F&D A510 Portable Home Audio Speaker
19% off
F&D A110 Portable Home Audio Speaker
9% off
F&D V620 plus 2.0 USB Speakers
29% off
F&D V520 4 W Portable Home Audio Speaker
4% off
Reviews for Popular Speakers
Blaupunkt SBW-01 Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar
1. Blaupunkt SBW-01 Dolby Blue...
8,693 Ratings&2,385 Reviews
64% off
  • Power Output (RMS): 80 W
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Genuine Dolby Digital Sound
Most Helpful Review

Good choice

Suits for 2.1 lovers
checked : It is original Blaupunkt.
Very much music beginners
Lookwise absolutely fine
2.1 channel and bass is enough.
Attached and saw...
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Charles madhan

Certified Buyer

27 Sep, 2017

Recent Review

Highly recommended

Good bass,amazing look nice sound quality four sound modes awesome customer support by Chitra Chauhan
Read full review

Sandip Kuvadiya

Certified Buyer

20 Jan, 2019

boAt Rugby 10 W Bluetooth  Speaker
2. boAt Rugby 10 W Bluetooth ...
33,523 Ratings&6,314 Reviews
69% off
  • Power Output (RMS): 10 W
  • Power Source: AC Adepter
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
Most Helpful Review

Worth the money

Detailed Long Term Review (Purchased in January 2017 for ₹1199/-): The sound is just awesome. In a mid sized room if you play it in full volume, you can't be...
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Indrajit Sahu

Certified Buyer

23 Sep, 2017

Recent Review


Everything is good about this but the maximum volume is not good enough. Bass is great and sound clarity too but those who like loud music will be disappointed.
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Bishal Sarkar

Certified Buyer

20 Jan, 2019

Harman Kardon Soundsticks with Bluetooth 20 W Portable Bluetooth Home Audio Speaker
3. Harman Kardon Soundsticks w...
716 Ratings&143 Reviews
55% off
  • Power Output (RMS): 20 W
  • Configuration: 2.1
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
Most Helpful Review

Amazing product

Beautiful design
Amazing Sound
Woofer is really very Nice

But the wireless feature is not impressive with iphone/ipad. Bluetooth connection breaks intermitt...
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Gaurav Kumar

Certified Buyer

8 Nov, 2013

Recent Review

Good quality product

i haven't had any complaints in sound department and looks but the only problem if flies gets in to the bass port its very hard to get it out cover the port ...
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paluru sai Durgesh

Certified Buyer

9 Jan, 2019

Intex IT 2616 55 W Portable Home Audio Speaker
4. Intex IT 2616 55 W Portable...
14,512 Ratings&2,506 Reviews
48% off
  • Power Output (RMS): 55 W
  • Configuration: 4.1
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: No
Most Helpful Review

What a buy

Awasom product. Its quality is very good. main thing is that the bass is what i want. it is also a good looking product.
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Nihal Dubey Nds

Certified Buyer

28 Jul, 2015

Recent Review


they are great at the price range. my headphones were of 1890 and they are1899. I don't know why they are rated 3.7 out of 5 till 8 jan 2k19 atleast. I don't...
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Anish Sen

Certified Buyer

8 Jan, 2019

Mi MDZ-28-DI Bluetooth  Speaker
5. Mi MDZ-28-DI Bluetooth Spe...
5,332 Ratings&797 Reviews
11% off
  • Power Source: Lithium Battery
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • 6 hours long battery life
Most Helpful Review

Classy product

kudos.! Such a wondedul speaker. Though it is quite small in size, Worry not in this amount beyond expectation you get it. No charger provided. Normal andr...
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Aisiree D

Certified Buyer

10 Oct, 2018

Recent Review

Just wow!

Must buy, although the product is small it has sound better than the bigger ones. Will recommend others to buy.
One suggestion is instead of having the butt...
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Karthik Krishna

Certified Buyer

21 Jan, 2019

Speakers Price List

  1. Rs. 299
  2. Rs. 449
  3. Rs. 3480
  4. Rs. 330
  5. Rs. 7122
  6. Rs. 299
  7. Rs. 9100
  8. Rs. 899
  9. Rs. 362
  10. Rs. 299
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Buy Bluetooth or Wireless Speakers Online

Whether you love listening to rock, pop, jazz, or metal, it’s a fact that music truly is an important aspect of our life, adding great value to it. With innovations in today’s technology, wireless speakers make our lives much easier, letting you enjoy music whether you’re at home or on the go. Though there are numerous models of earphones and headphones available, there’s something about hearing music out of high-quality wireless speakers or Bluetooth speakers which greatly elevates your listening experience. Almost all of us must have been in a situation where wired speakers limited portability and put a boundary on the entertainment that you could have. For instance, let’s say you and your friends are going to the beach. Isn’t it fun to have music playing in the background? It is in these cases, that a wireless Bluetooth speaker or a wireless speaker system saves the day.

Usage of Wireless Speakers

An amazing outdoor party, a beach trip, a picnic at the park, camping in the woods - all of these activities are enhanced by the use of wireless speakers. Some speakers offer water-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about playing music near the pool or a lake. Also, some Bluetooth or wifi speakers can be paired together to produce a louder and bolder sound. With the durability and portability that these speakers offer, they make it easy to listen to music, watch movies, play games and more, whether you're travelling, heading outside, or staying in.

Bluetooth Speakers

Shopping online allows you to find some of the loudest Bluetooth speakers. Bluetooth has been one of the most common ways to connect devices. It’s a technology which lets you transfer data between two devices instantly. This useful feature is found in almost all the smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Listening to music while you workout or while going for a long bike ride is made easy with Bluetooth speakers. They come in a wide variety of styles and colours, so you can choose the one which matches your lifestyle. Most Bluetooth speakers are small and compact, but provide a rich sound without sacrificing audio quality. The built-in amplifiers in these speakers deliver full-range audio as you require.

WiFi Speakers

Though Bluetooth speakers offer a good sound quality, Wi-Fi speakers still come out on top when it comes to delivering high-quality audio. It lets you get the most out of high-resolution audio, by avoiding the compression of sound files that Bluetooth suffers from. Though Wi-Fi speakers offer a rich sound and better range, they require you to stay within the range of the Wi-Fi connection, since your music source and the speakers are connected through an internet router. One of the advantages of using a Wi-Fi speaker is the access to a number of related apps and features.

One of the most important things you should look for in a portable speaker is its battery life. Some devices last for a few hours, while others can continue working for days. Most of the portable speakers are charged via USB.

Additional Features


This is a feature often found in certain models of portable speakers, where it allows you to wirelessly connect two devices by holding them closely together or tapping them against each other.

Remote Control and Voice Recognition

For those times, when you’re relaxing grooving to your favourite music, voice recognition can be a fun way to control the volume and other settings, when you want to try something other than a standard remote or an app on your smart device to operate your speaker remotely.

Water- and Weather-resistance

The core function of a wireless speaker is to take it with you wherever you go. Hence it’s necessary that the speaker comes out of the whole ordeal in one piece. A dirt- or weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker will keep the entertainment going on no matter how adventurous your outdoor activities are. Some models are even waterproof, so they can even survive if they are accidentally submerged in a pool or a lake.

Charge Your Device

Apart from providing a rich audio quality, few wireless speakers have the capability to even charge your device using the built-in USB port. This comes in handy when you need to make an important call, and your phone is about to run out of juice.

Pair Multiple Speakers

If one speaker can provide a rich audio experience, imagine pairing your speakers with each other for enhanced sound quality. Some speakers can be paired directly with each other, which helps to provide a much louder and amplified sound.


This feature lets you take calls from your phone easily. Especially useful for conference calls, the speakers usually fade out the music that’s streaming when the phone rings.

Online Music Services

Apart from streaming audio from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, certain Wi-Fi speakers can access music services such as Spotify and let you stream your online playlist.

Size and Style Options

The core advantage of wireless speakers is that they can be carried around with you. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights, which can be packed in your bag, or stowed away in your pocket. Few models even come with an attached handle, which you can use to hang the speaker.

Multi-Input Options

Certain speaker models allow you to play music directly from a flash drive or a TF card. You also have the option to connect the speaker to your device using an AUX cable if needed.

Design and Aesthetics

Extra features such as the Music Flash Mode lights up the room when the music starts. The LED lights inside the speaker light up according to the beat and tempo of the song you’re playing.

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